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  • İzmir

    meetings & incentives

    Once known as the ancient harbor city of Smyrna, İzmir is now the third most populated city in Türkiye. For centuries, it has been home to different cultures, religions, and civilizations. Throughout history, İzmir has been a major commercial center on the Aegean coastline of Anatolia.

    İzmir is among the leading contributors to the Turkish economy. The trade, industry, and tourism sectors are lively in the populous central districts, while agriculture and animal husbandry are prominent farther afield. İzmir is the city of olives, figs, and grapes, and the land of natural, organic, and fresh Aegean cuisine that forms the soul of its culture and modern gastronomy.

    The city is home to many top hotels, a large variety of top-quality restaurants, exciting shopping, and, best of all, a temperate climate that makes it the ideal place to hold a meeting or conference throughout the year.

    One of İzmir’s most appealing characteristics is the nearby towns and tourist attractions which include the spectacular ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus (Efes), the best preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean. Çeşme, Alaçatı, and Urla are coastal towns that blend nature and history, and are becoming ever more popular for wine-tasting tours and gastronomy tourism. The constant wind makes Alaçatı the perfect location for wind- and kitesurfing.