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  • Antalya

    meetings & incentives

    Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Türkiye, is the Turkish capital of international tourism and one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

    Antalya features more than 300 five-star hotels, 600,000 beds, and a seating capacity of more than 175,000 for congresses and conventions. Antalya International Airport was awarded the highest distinction among airports in the 20-25 million passengers per year category. 

    Antalya is known for its stunning mountainous ranges, breathtaking nature, and the eye-catching contrasts between the old and new parts of the city. It offers outstanding tourism infrastructure, and beautiful and luxurious resorts and beaches. Here you will find deluxe ultra-all-inclusive hotels, the perfect venues for association and corporate events with opportunities for excellent social programs, and 24-hour service that allows networking and business discussions to continue non-stop throughout the events.

    Antalya is not only a tourism destination in the summer but it is also one of Türkiye’s most developed provinces with respect to economic, demographic, and social factors. Agriculture is as important as tourism, with more than 20% of Antalya’s total area under plant cultivation; the remaining land is covered with pastures, meadows, heathland, and forests. Small-scale farming is predominant and supports Antalya’s position as a sustainable tourism destination. 

    Antalya has a track record of hosting international events such as Expo 2016, the International Horticultural Exposition with over 8 million international and local visitors; and 2015 G20 Summit with the participation of world leaders.

    Antalya is lively throughout the year with numerous arts and culture events and festivals.