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  • Cappadocia

    meetings & incentives

    Located in Türkiye’s Central Anatolia region, Cappadocia is famous for its unusual landscape which is the result of the erosion of lava from ancient volcanoes dating back between 3 and 9 million years. Cappadocia’s natural rock shelters that formed in the harsh surrounding landscape have been home to many ancient civilizations. The town consists of underground houses, churches, passages, and chambers carved out of volcanic rock. As they have done for thousands of years, locals still inhabit the rock pinnacles known as fairy chimneys. 

    Cappadocia is the perfect boutique destination for incentive groups seeking something original and unforgettable. Cappadocia offers activities such as hot-air ballooning in early morning to watch the sunrise across the mystical landscape, or an outdoor breakfast in the valley involving local life whilst enjoying the amazing valley scenery. Incentives are often held in the surrounding cave buildings of Cappadocia.

    The most beautiful hotels of the region are small boutique hotels located in cave houses that offer extensive services and catering.

    The Göreme Open-Air Museum encompasses the best-known religious complexes in the area. Alongside the other rock sites of Cappadocia, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

    The region of Cappadocia is a large grape producer and wine-making has a long history here. In recent years, local wines have won international awards and there are several venues that offer wine tasting where visitors can sample the local varieties.